Camille Oostwegel ChâteauHotels & -Restaurants changes brand name and refreshes visual identity: Oostwegel Collection

This afternoon the leadership of Camille Oostwegel ChâteauHotels & -Restaurants hosted a press event in Amsterdam to share special news. As of today the company will continue as Oostwegel Collection. A refresh of the company’s visual identity will better communicate the guest experience to Dutch and international clientele. Since the inception of the company in 1980 it has made a name for itself in the Netherlands and beyond, and now consists of three luxury hotels and seven restaurants.

Crafting a collection of inspiring experiences and growing a legacy that goes beyond expectations is the mission of the Oostwegel Collection. Camille Oostwegel jr. will play a significant part in pursuing this mission the coming years. “We decided to change our brand name and visual identity to improve the way we communicate the guest experience to our guests. We shortened the company name to make it easier to remember and make it more appealing to Dutch and international guests. A clearer brand positioning and new visual identities will make it easier to recognize the individual characters of our four properties and guests will see this come to life via photography but also through guest experience initiatives.” says Camille Oostwegel jr., Director Business Development.

Fresh identity and company name
Eugene Bay, Chairman & CEO VBAT Branding & Design, says: “Giving a holding an identity is not complicated if you know what the company stands for. The easy part of this commission was that the Oostwegel Holding knew exactly what they stood for. The difficult part was to find the correct balance of the identity for the holding company, while at the same time giving enough space for the identities of its much esteemed houses to breathe and flourish. I think the solution the family chose is the right balance to give both the holding a voice without overshadowing the individual houses. We are very happy with the outcome.”

The Oostwegel Collection
The Oostwegel Collection is a family business that stands for Inspiring, Artisanal and Hospitable, which is brought to life by three pillars: People, Place, and Gastronomy. Driven by passion and love for history and cultural heritage, Camille Oostwegel sr. founded the company 36 years ago and since then the family has dedicated themselves to lovingly transforming a selection of architectural masterpieces. Spectacular original features have been restored to complement stylish, contemporary additions, creating an atmosphere of refined grandeur with modern flair. Nowadays the company consists of four luxury houses: Château Neercanne, Winselerhof, Château St. Gerlach and the Kruisherenhotel Maastricht. For more information, visit