Struik Foods Europe introduces Bunlimited hot dog meal kit line

Netherlands-based Struik Foods Europe has launched the “UK’s first” hot dog meal kit as it aims to tap into the fast food at home trend.

Called Bunlimited, the meals kits feature a range of hot dogs, toppings and a selection of sauces in one package. Consumers are required to add bread separately.

Struik Foods said there is a gap in the market for food and drink brands to offer immersive experiences in the kitchen, encouraging people to step away from digital distractions.

Bryn Scadeng, head of marketing and innovation at Struik, said: ‘We believe that the Bunlimited concept is exactly what every busy household needs when they are looking for the next Friday night treat.

“Over the years we’ve seen the likes of Mexican and Indian meal kits take off, however, the Bunlimited range adds a touch of personalisation that you might not find with other products on the market.

“We want to make hot dogs fun again, and more importantly we want to bring back some quality. Our hot dogs contain 88% pork meat and we’re excited to inspire families during mealtimes with Bunlimited’s solution to a fast, easy and tasty dinner.”

The Bunlimited meal kits are retailing at Tesco for £3.50. The brand’s individual items – including Mexican chipotle sauce, sliced pickles and sliced jalapenos – are already available in Asda stores.

Struik Foods Europe said the Bunlimited meal kit launch marks the start of the company’s expansion in the UK.