Purition launches natural strawberry protein shake mix

Wholefood shake brand Purition has said that it’s “time to say goodbye to synthetic shakes”, after launching a new strawberry protein powder.

Made with real freeze-dried strawberries, the mix is free from artificial ingredients, choosing instead to replace them with natural additions such as chia seeds, almonds and coconuts.

The wholefood ingredients provide nearly 20g of protein per serving and are jammed full of important vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids. Not only does it provide an excellent post-workout shake, it is also a good breakfast swap for those looking to lose weight and stave off hunger.

The brand said that its real ingredients meant that, when mixed in with yogurt or shaken up with milk, consumers can create “an explosion of flavour” that foregoes the stabilizers, gums and emulsifiers traditionally found in synthetic protein shakes.