International Wine Regions Event on 14 March 2018 in Amsterdam

One day of showcasing wineregions and countries to the Dutch winebuyers

On Wednesday 14 March 2018, a few days before Prowein in Düsseldorf, a new event will be hosted in Amsterdam. The ‘Wine Regions Event’ is a joint effort of Hollands most renowned wine magazine en wine PR agency: Perswijn Magazine and Pitch Communication and PR. On this one-day event, wine regions and small and upcoming wine countries are able to present their wines and showcase their specific region, AOP, denomination, etc. to the Dutch market. This new wine event focuses on Dutch importers, retailers, sommeliers, chefs, buyers and journalists. Wineregions like California, Switzerland, several from Spain and Pays d’Oc and Georgia already submitted but there is still some room left! Both wine producers and winelabels can subscribe for this unique event by choosing between three different types of stands. More information can be found at

Wine Regions Event
Both Perswijn Magazine and Pitch PR noticed the ungoing desire of specialized and upcoming wine areas to present their wines in the Netherlands. On the other hand, the agendas of wine professionals are always very full because of the many tastings, initiatives of importers and trade fairs. With this in mind, their forces will be joined at the beginning of next year. In the meantime, contacts are being made with interesting and emerging wine areas, both in Europe and in the new world.

What is offered to the participating participants?
A new vibrant event in 1 day for all Dutch Wine professionals
Maximum exposure promoting your region.
Professional visitors from all parts of the country.
Visits from wine buyers and decision making wine importers.
Stimulate contacts with sommeliers, retailers, importers, Horeca buyers and journalists.
An accessible, professional location in Amsterdam.
At Wednesday before Prowein starts
An opportunity to promote your wines the way you want it yourself.
A brief workshop in advance “How the Dutch Buy their Wines” by a Dutch senior wine expert
An affordable price to reach the maximum number of visitors.
A wine square where all wines can be tasted separately
Speed-dating sessions
Short and separate but informative masterclass opportunities (optional)
Full service organisation (glasses, wine coolers, spittoons)
Badge scans (optional)
Assistance for best hotel prices
All enquiries can be send to

About Perswijn Magazine
Perswijn is the most important independent wine magazine in the Netherlands. It provides information about wines from all over the world and is always looking for new and surprising discoveries. It’s packed with engaging and readable articles about the most diverse wines and wine areas, written by well-known wine journalists. Perswijn is a no-nonsense magazine that provides all information for anyone who loves a good glass of wine. Wine is surprisingly simple and that’s exactly Perswijn’s message. The magazine is highly appreciated for its objective and up-to-date wine information. For each issue, an expert panel reviews hundreds of wines critically.

About Pitch Communication and PR
A trend-setting agency in promoting wine, spirits, food and hospitality labels. For more than ten years, Pitch Communication and PR has a strong focus on the food and wine business, working on assignments that excel in innovation, sustainability, and remarkable price / quality cases. Pitch PR consists of 10 communication professionals and analyses, creates and activates brands and regions. On a daily base, the Pitch PR team has contacts with all media, influencers and bloggers in the world of food, wine, spirits & hospitality. The agency is recognized as ‘Most Significant PR Agency in the Netherlands’ by Meininger’s Wine & Spirits International.