Wine export of New Zealand rises to record high

Promising start of the harvest of 2015

New Zealand’s wine export has reached a record high. With a value of $1.37 billion New Zealand dollars, an increase of 8.2%, wine is the sixth largest export product of the country. The Netherlands is one of the most important export markets for New Zealand wines. Last year, the export value has increased with 25%. The strong demand from major key markets is a good omen for the wine makers, who are now fully engaged with the harvest of 2015. 

“Prospects for a high quality vintage are looking very positive due to the superb summer weather. The warm dry summer of 2015 has been absolutely perfect for growing and ripening grapes. As we move into autumn the prospect is for an outstanding, albeit smaller, vintage in all our grape-growing regions”, said Philip Gregan, CEO of New Zealand Winegrowers. “While the expectation is that the harvest of 2015 will be significantly smaller than last year, the sales in the year ahead will be supported by retained stocks from vintage 2014”, Gregan added.

International Sauvignon Blanc Celebration 2016
There is no doubt that Sauvignon Blanc is exceptional, especially in New Zealand. This grape variety is responsible for the discovery of New Zealand as a wine country. As many as 85% of all wine exported from New Zealand, is Sauvignon Blanc. 

To gain more attention for the Sauvignon Blanc, the International Sauvignon Blanc Celebration will be organized in Marlborough in February 2016. From February 1st – till 3rd 2016, this diverse, expressive and popular variety will be highlighted. “Sauvignon Blanc is a pure expression of the terroir and New Zealand has set the international benchmark for this wine”, said Philip Gregan. “The International Sauvignon Blanc Celebration offers everyone in the wine world the opportunity to come together in New Zealand, to learn more about- and enjoy the world’s leading Sauvignon Blanc wines. 

Besides the International Sauvignon Blanc Celebration, which takes place in 2016, this year the sixth annual International Sauvignon Blanc Day will be organized. This day will be held on Friday, April 24 2015, to shine the spotlight on Sauvignon Blanc. 

About New Zealand Wine
New Zealand Winegrowers Association (NZW) is the national organization for grapes from New Zealand and the wine sector. It is a professional organization funded by members. The organization currently has about 1000 members and 700 winery members. NZW carries out a variety of tasks for the benefit of the grape and wine sector, including legal support at regional, local and international level providing a global marketing platform for New Zealand Wine and organizing sector-wide events,
such as the Bragato Conference and Awards and the Air New Zealand Wine Awards