Restaurant Locanda brings the fun of food to Amsterdam

Real Italian food in the Jordaan

Making people happy, that is the goal of Tomasso Maggi who is original from Milan. And who does not cheer up of typical, fresh Italian dishes? Exactly! For that reason restaurant Locanda has opened her doors in the nicest neighbourhood of Amsterdam, the Jordaan. Six days a week people get pampered with the most delicious, culinary, Italian dishes which are prepared with 100% fresh ingredients. This ingredients are coming directly from Italy! The chef does not think twice about making a lasagnetta or a melanzane alla parmigiana. No difficulties, no decorations: just Italian food at her best.

Last summer restaurant Locanda opened her doors in the neighbourhood the Jordaan and is managed by Tomasso Maggi and his businesspartner Riccardo Bandi in a joyful way. This joy is clearly visible. The wait staff is known for her generous smile, the quality of food puts a smile on your face and the restaurant is designed in a way that everyone can enjoy a careless, relaxed dinner. Mezzo Atelier took care of the interior. The result: A contemporary, atmospheric, Italian bistro where everyone feels comfortable.

That the Jordaan is the best location for restaurant Locanda, is easy to see when you take a look at the type of people who live in the Jordaan or the people who love to visit the Jordaan. Restaurant Locanda reflects the Jordaan character: enthusiastic, down-to-earth, relax and authentic. In other words: la cucina Italiana meets the level-headedness of Amsterdam.

Menu and winelist
Local character of product is of great importance. Who eats at restaurant Locanda, directly taste the quality of the fresh, authentic Italian products. Those products are supplied two times a week and are coming straight from Italy. The menu of restaurant Locanda is full of Italian delights as risotto mantecato, cotoletta alla torinese al camino ‘scabin style’ and of course an irresistible tiramisu cannot be forgotten. The Italian kitchen goes hand in hand with attractive wines. No lack of beautiful wines at restaurant Locanda. The wine list offers a huge variety of wines. All Italian main wines are represented. A lot of the wines cannot be find anywhere in Amsterdam due to the fact that the wines are imported directly from small, Italian wineries. Furthermore the wait staff is more than helpful and capable when it comes to the perfect wine & food combination.

The name: Locanda
Locanda means literally inn. Traditionally an inn stood for the restaurant ‘next door’ where travellers loved to come to eat something and spent the night. It was a guarantee for real and simple food, made of the best ingredients and served traditionally in a cosy, familial setting. Nowadays Locanda is a synonym for a place where it is possible to relax and enjoy delightful, pure food and drinks. 

Practical information
Restaurant Locanda is opened as follows:
Tuesday: 17:00 – 0:00
Wednesday: 17:00 – 0:00
Thursday: 17:00 – 0:00
Friday: 11:00 – 0:00
Saturday: 11:00 – 0:00
Sunday: 15:00 – 0:00


Restaurant Locanda is located at Eerste Anjeliersdwarsstraat 6 and you can reach them via 020 – 423 39 11