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About us

Pitch PR is a communication and PR agency that quickly devises creative solutions to your problems. We provide concrete results in a clear time frame: within a few months, you are easier to find on the Internet, we have introduced your product or service to use the right media and you are easier to find by your future customer. Pitch PR speaks your language, knows your target audience and will help you out. An honest way of working and open communication are our core values.

We would like to promise you the earth, but we don’t do that. Appearance in the media and on the Internet is becoming increasingly important for companies, but it is also becoming more difficult. The written media is under pressure and journalists are trained to distinguish the real news of commercial news. Also to achieve the best traceability on Internet, smarter techniques must be used.

Managing directors Robert Verhoeven and Harriet Boekholt started the agency more than fifteen years ago and today they work with 10 professional and dedicated consultants.

Interested? Call us on 020-4683348 or send an email to info@pitchpr.nl 

The strength of Pitch PR

Pitch PR has got an excellent network, brings companies in contact with each other, is enthusiastic, creative, hands on and very flexible. Pitch PR grabs all opportunities towards the media. Pitch PR is an interactive and “no nonsense” Communications and PR agency which contributes to the improvement of the image on the Internet, in print media and through action-based campaigns.

In 2019 Pitch PR was the initiator of a new network: Food &Wine Republic.

This is a worldwide network of PR agencies specialised in food, wine and hospitality. Together they service clients from all over the world with practical brand activation and promotion strategies in the European countries and abroad. www.foodandwinerepublic.com