4 unique locations in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Vinkeveen with international allure, a vibrant atmosphere and extraordinarily great food. A blend of Miami, Barcelona and the Côte d’Azur: an industrial location – an old wine terminal – turned fashionably chic. Drop by and be amazed by the immense space (2200m2), the top-notch styled interior, the six-metre-long fish display case, the high quality cooking and the sixteen-metre-long mural from neo-pop art artist Selwyn Senatori.

A visit to The Harbour Club is pure and intense enjoyment, guaranteed. High-quality cooking with a dash of playfulness, but always with an eye for detail. Sit outside on the extensive patio, pick one of our many cocktails and enjoy the view over the water


Without having a new venue opening THC asked Pitch PR to re introduce the concept towards the Dutch Press. We were convinced that press needs to experience at least 3 out of 4 to understand how amazing the locations, the food, service and atmosphere is. We created a full service Harbour Club on Tour concept doing a representative 4 course extended lunch divided over 3 different Harbour Clubs: Starting at Vinkeveen with a Fruits the Mer, Dorade a Sal at Zuid and a mixture of main courses and desserts at the astonishing venue at East Amsterdam. Traveling by VIP coach.


A very nice and effective mixture of food, culinary and hot spot press putting the concept under a maximum of spotlights having over 30 journalists in one afternoon.