FiftyFifty: half meat and half vegetables, best of both worlds at Albert Heijn.


Diviande, subsidiary of Jan Zandbergen | World-Wide Quality in Meat, launches new product: FiftyFifty. This hybrid meat consists of 50 percent meat and 50 percent vegetables. By launching this product, Diviande responds to the trend that consumers should consciously eat less meat and more vegetables. Since week 1, 2020, FiftyFifty products are in approximately half of all Dutch Albert Heijn stores. The stylish purple-wrapped product is a good alternative for consumers who want to eat less meat (flexitarians). It can also be used to make children eat more vegetables. Our goal? Ensure that this target group becomes a fan of FiftyFifty.


We focused on a classic PR strategy using our extensive media network. We have given traditional and new media the opportunity to experience the revolutionary range of hybrid meat/vegetable products for themselves. To kick off, we ensured that FiftyFifty could share a wide range of lifestyle images through a business-to-business and business-to-consumer press release. The choice for varying press releases was quickly made because FiftyFifty is a brand with versatile products. We then provided a sampling in which selected press were provided with a press package full of FiftyFifty products.


The FiftyFifty campaign has opened up the eyes of many meat distributors, traders and enthusiasts. They all wondered whether FiftyFifty was the solution for cutting meat and this was reflected (and heard) in the many publications of trade magazines, critical food blogs and even radio stations.