Coravin launches new models featuring SmartClamps™ technology

Coravin is introducing a brand-new user experience with launch of the Model Three, Model Five and Model Six, to make preserving wine easier than ever before 

April 2nd, 2020 – London, UK – CORAVIN, the company behind the world-renowned wine preservation system, today unveils the launch of three new models to its award-winning range: Model Three, Model Five and Model Six. Each model includes the new and intuitive SmartClamps™ technology, designed to make it easier than ever to enjoy a glass of wine and preserve the bottle, without removing the cork. 

Coravin has revolutionised the way that the world drinks wine with its range of innovative wine preservation systems. Each system includes patented technology to protect your wine from oxidation, allowing you to pour any wine, in any amount, without pulling the cork. The devices work by inserting a needle through the cork and pressurising the bottle with Argon gas. The cork then naturally reseals the bottle allowing the wine to enjoyed for months, or even years, to come. 

Designed with consumers and first-time users in mind, the Model Three, Model Five and Model Six are fitted with exclusive SmartClamps™. Until now, the SmartClamps™ technology was only being used on the most premium product, the Model Eleven. The technology allows minimised friction on initial use and a guaranteed easy pour every time. Simply aligning the easy-on SmartClamps™ over the neck of the bottle and pushing down firmly on the handle in one fluid motion, will enable consumers to access and enjoy the wine. 

The products also have a unique handle design for the perfect pour by including a sturdy grip base to maximise control during pouring, enhancing the Coravin experience even further. 

For the first time ever, a Screw Cap accessory is included with every system to unlock even more wines. The Screw Cap provides wine lovers with the ability to pour and preserve their favourite screw cap wines with the freedom to enjoy it by the glass, protecting wines for up to three months. 

Model Three 

The Model Three has an accessible design and sleek-black colour which is perfect for everyday wine drinking. 

Model Six 

For those looking to take things to the next level, the Model Six Core collection features luxury colours enhanced by chrome accents, including Candy Apple Red, Piano Black and Silver. 

Model Five 

The new Model Five is exclusive to on-trade venues. The smooth Graphite system allows sommeliers and restaurant owners to open up their wine cellars, offering more exclusive wines by the glass to their guests. On-trade customers who have introduced Coravin programmes report measurable benefits, including an increase in fine wine sales by 10-20% and a reduction in wine waste by 100% on all bottles poured by the glass with Coravin. 

Greg Lambrecht, Inventor and Founder of Coravin says, “The launch of our new range makes it easier for consumers than ever before to enjoy their favourite wines by the glass, without having to 

open a whole bottle. Using SmartClamps™ technology, which was previously an exclusive feature of the Model Eleven, we’ve enhanced the Coravin range to provide a sturdy grip that guarantees an easy pour, every time. 

“Innovation is at the heart of what we do, and our latest models and technology is continuing to revolutionise the way the world drinks wine. We have made it even more accessible to enjoy a glass of wine and preserve the bottle whilst ensuring that the last glass tastes just as amazing as the first.” 

Coravin Model Three, Model Five and Model Six will be joining the Coravin family, which includes the company’s first connected and fully automatic wine preservation system, the Model Eleven. The Model Eleven connects via Bluetooth to the Coravin Moments app to make it easier to maintain and monitor usage and ensure a great glass of wine with each pour. Along with colour LED icons on the Coravin Model Eleven, the app indicates the level of argon gas left in the Model Eleven’s Coravin Pure™ Capsule, keeps track of needle usage and the need for replacement, adjusts speed of pour, and monitors battery life. 

The SmartClamps™ collection is available online at and in select stores, including Selfridges and Harrods. The products RRP from £199 to £329 and all feature at least two Coravin Capsules and one Standard Screw Cap. 

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About Coravin, Inc. 

Coravin, Inc. is a privately held company located in Burlington, Massachusetts focused on transforming the way wine is served, sold and enjoyed. Coravin designs and markets the Coravin Wine Preservation System for wine enthusiasts, restaurants, wine stores and wineries. Unparalleled in craftsmanship and design, Coravin uses proprietary patented technology to access and pour wine from a bottle without pulling the cork. Wine enthusiasts can now enjoy wine sealed with corks and by screw caps, without feeling the need to commit to the whole bottle, allowing them to enjoy any wine, any time- whether they want a sip, a glass, or more. After enjoying a glass of wine, the remaining wine in the bottle will be perfectly preserved for weeks, months, or even years. 

Model Three 

• RRP: £199 

• Colours: Black 

• Standard Configuration: Model Three System, 2 capsules, 1 standard screw cap 

Model Three Bundles 

• Model Three Wine Lover Pack (RRP: £229): Model Three System, 2 capsules, 1 standard screw cap, 1 aerator 


• Model Three Wine Passion Pack (RRP: £249): Model Three System, 2 capsules, 6 standard screw caps, 1 aerator, classic base (black) 

Model Six 

• RRP: £289 

• Colours: Candy Apple Red, Silver, Piano Black 

• Standard Configuration: Model Six System, 2 capsules, 1 standard screw cap 

Model Six Bundle 

• RRP: £329 

• Colours: Candy Apple Red, Silver, Piano Black 

• Standard Configuration: Model Six System, 3 capsules, 2 standard screw caps, 1 carry case 

Model Five (On Trade Only) 

• RRP: £249 

• Colours: Graphite 

• Standard Configuration: Model Five System, 3 capsules, 1 standard screw caps